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David C. Minton - How to Succeed as a Community Physician 

David C. Minton learned after many years on the job as a Partner Physician for a private practice and then Women’s Health Florida in Tampa, Florida that physicians can’t help people and do their work in a vacuum. In order to help as many people as possible in their practice range, physicians have to get support from their community. The best way to do that is to engage people in the community as much as possible outside of your examination room.

David C Minton
Dr. Minton strives to help people beyond his work at Women’s Health Florida by volunteering at a free clinic in town and working with local organizations to educate people about common women’s health issues.

David C. Minton has for over two decades worked in his local community of Tampa, Florida to reach as many patients as he can outside of the office. He knows that by educating and talking to people beyond his practice area, he’s preventing problems for them in the future. David C. Minton also finds it much easier to get the information he needs from his patients in order to help them if his patients know him well. Being engaged in the community helps him do his job better and heal people in droves.

David C. Minton has worked with people to bring them the best medical care he can provide by engaging with them and listening to their problems. While listening and gaining information about each patient’s ailments and medical history is critical to preparing diagnoses and treatment plans, Dr. Minton also knows that engaging with the larger community as a whole is as important in the overall health of his local area.

David C. Minton - Why Professional Organizations Are Worth Joining


When you are first starting out in your career, you may want to consider becoming a member of a professional organization. There are professional organizations in every field; each offering support and guidance for those in the industry. While each organization is different, the members of the group can offer you insight and guidance about your career, as David C Minton, a Tampa, Florida physician can attest. Many of the professional organizations can provide you with a mentor, and many offer their members professional development courses for a small fee. Following are some of the other benefits to joining a professional organization.


  • Many of the professional organizations help their members find jobs or provide them with job listings that other members may be offering.
  • The cornerstone of many professional organizations is providing mentors for its younger members. Professional organizations provide you the opportunity to be paired with someone with more experience.
  • Many organizations provide their members with the opportunity develop your professional career. These opportunities come in the form of courses, publications, workshops, and information on their websites. They provide you with industry updates, trends, and how to deal with the changes.
  • Most organizations have an annual conference that can be a great place to network. 


No matter what your professional goals are, joining a professional organization is a step in the right direction. With professional organizations for nearly every profession, you are sure to find a great place to enhance your career and meet people in your industry.



David C. Minton - Choosing the Residency Program That’s

Right for You

One of the most important decisions of your professional life is choosing your residency. Your day-to-day career routine will be shaped by this decision, as David C. Minton, a clinical physician from Tampa, Florida can tell you. When it comes to choosing which program to apply to, there are several things to take into consideration.